MiHoYo Officially Joins the Chinese Communist Party, How Does It Affect Genshin Impact and Other Games?

ZONABANTEN.comMihoyo Network Technology or Mihoyo recently held a meeting with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) committee on September 24, 2021.

Through the official public account Mihoyo, it was reported that the meeting also marked the joining Mihoyo become part of the CCP committee.

During the conference, the Party’s first committee was formed Mihoyo consisting of five comrades, including Liu Wei and Yin Chunbo.

Furthermore, Mihoyo held the first committee meeting and elected Comrade Liu Wei, CEO Mihoyo, as secretary of the party committee.

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“At this time, the giant ship of China’s gaming industry has entered a “big voyage,” Li Wei said.

“In this era, Chinese games have reached the age of competing with international giants. Mihoyo willing to become the forerunner of the game that will migrate abroad, as well as a promoter of Chinese culture in the process. We will continue to contribute our modest strength to CN’s new future.”

Mihoyo will use this (joining CPP) as an opportunity to further strengthen CCP’s leadership as well as deepen CCP’s integration through work ethics, business and development.

Join Mihoyo with Chinese Communist Party led to the emergence of several new policies in the game industry in China.

The first policy is to change access to play games. Where specifically for underage players, game access is now only open from 20.00 – 21.00 local time on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays.

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  1. The sun is rising as usual. This is just the only way for all companies to achieve a certain scale in China. Nothing will change.

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