Miguel Oliveira leaves warranty for 2023: «I will be on the MotoGP grid» – MotoGP

Pilot did not open the game regarding teams, but the future will be guaranteed

Miguel Oliveira assured this weekend, during a promotional event of a brand that sponsors him, that next year he will continue in MotoGP. The revelation was made in a humorous tone, according to the portal ‘Paddock GP’, which witnessed ‘in loco’ this weekend’s activities in Paul Ricard, where the Sunday Ride Classic 2022 took place, an event that brought together thousands of thousands of people on the French circuit. of fans and figures of the sport. The question was straightforward and the answer…so. “Yes, I will be on the MotoGP grid. With Shark [marca de capacetes] ea Ixon [marca de equipamento de proteção para motociclismo]”, shot the Portuguese, to the general laughter of those present at that event. Miguel Oliveira, remember, has a valid link with KTM until the end of the season, but his departure from the Austrian project is already certain, to which Jack Miller will enter and, most likely, Pol Espargaró.The Portuguese have the other teams still with open spaces, and Gresini is currently the best-positioned team for Falcão’s continuation in the World Cup.

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