Miguel Herrera punishes Jorge Sánchez and will be substitute with America

Enrique Martínez Villar

Mexico City / 05.02.2020 21:35:14

The expulsion of Jorge Sánchez at the minute of play in the match between America Y Juarez it will cost the young zaguero very expensive, because Miguel Herrera he already made the decision to relegate him to the bank and leave Luis Fuentes as it happened in the pending duel of the Day 1 against Puebla.

The Louse he usually creates awareness among his players so they don’t make mistakes like the one he had Sanchez, who for a lack of concentration he put an iron on Mauro Fernández when the meeting had just begun in the Aztec stadium.

The defender already He fulfilled his game of punishment in the game against Puebla from last Tuesday, and although Sunday the Eagles they return to activity against Queretaro, Luis Fuentes will take the place of left back.

The former player of Cougars he had his first minutes as a player of the Eagles against Juarez and even made the only goal of the Piojo Herrera team and the activity he had in front of The fringe the strategist liked it and that’s why he will keep it in the starting eleven.

This is not the first time the Louse It has a similar detail with its players, because Sebastian Córdova he was expelled in the Ida game of the Final against Scratched and again had participation until the game against Juárez and now before Puebla He started again.



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