Migros tests cameras from …

Migros is ready to use every means possible to combat theft in its businesses. Or at least had to test them. Contacted by the editorial staff ofICTjournal, she confirmed on Tuesday that she is experimenting with smart cameras in several branches of cooperatives in Zurich, Basel, Neuchâtel, Friborg and Geneva.

Time saving

According to Neue Zürcher Zeitung who investigated the matter after the arrest of a young girl who had committed about 20 thefts from the orange giant, the system allows customers to be filtered according to characteristics such as hair color or body size.

The goal is to better protect employees, customers and property, and finally to prevent harm of all kinds.


An automated method that identifies the author of a theft much more effectively. Only half an hour against several hours before.

No full deployment

The system developed by the Australian company Avigilon, aims to “better protect employees, customers and property, and finally prevent harm of all kinds,” justified Migros to ICTjournal.

However, it does not currently plan any full deployment. The evaluation of the system is still in progress.

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