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The SonntagsZeitung takes a close look at the WWF’s sustainability ranking. The conclusion: Coop and Migros do worse than Aldi when it comes to palm oil.

The “Stop Palm Oil” referendum was held this week. It is intended to prevent the free trade agreement between Switzerland and Indonesia and thus also to prevent too much cheap palm oil from entering the country. According to experts and the environmental protection organization WWF, the boycott of palm oil is not a sensible solution, writes the SonntagsZeitung.

Instead of replacing palm oil, retailers should pay more attention to where the raw materials come from. And only get these where no forests are cleared. WWF has created a ranking. Of a total of 40 dealers, Coop is tenth and Migros is only 18th. Migros is thus on the same rank as the US group Walmart.

Aldi in 5th place

Even the German discounter Aldi Süd is in fifth place ahead of the two Swiss retailers. A few years ago it was different. At that time, Migros and Coop were far ahead when it came to palm oil. What has changed? WWF has added additional criteria for the new rating. It assesses how well the dealers know their suppliers and how transparently they report on them. The organization also checks whether retailers support projects in the producing countries. With these new criteria, foreign retailers do better than Coop and Migros.

According to the SonntagsZeitung, Coop and Migros comment as follows: Coop is currently revising its own palm oil guidelines. In future, Coop will only use organic palm oil for its own food brands. Migros, on the other hand, says that 98 percent of palm oil is traceable in its own brands. But this does not extend to your own plantations. By 2025, Migros has set itself the goal of ensuring traceability back to the producer.

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