Migrants, addressed to Agrigento in a reception center

“Last night there was yet another revolt of migrants, they started a fire, attacked the policemen with a throw of objects of all kinds, injuring three, before leaving despite being in quarantine “, explained Valter Mazzetti, general secretary of the trade union federation of the state police.

Some of the migrants seem to have finished the anti-Covid quarantine period and, for the whole day Tuesday 6 October, they asked to be transferred to other structures. That is why chaos would then break out in the late evening. Migrants tried to escape, threw mattress nets and shattered pieces of windows at the police, as well as burning mattresses.

“These events occur with an alarming frequency – continued Mazzetti -, but instead they are now experienced as if they were normal, and this is unacceptable. The current situation should force us to completely review the surveillance systems in these structures that are time bombs on the health level above all, considering the coronavirus emergency, but also social and public order and safety “.


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