Migraine For Years, Turns Out There Are Tapeworms in This Woman’s Brain


A 25 year old woman from Australia is already suffering migraine for 7 years. After being examined, it turned out that there were larvae tape worm in his brain.

The woman who works as a barista at a cafe in Melbourne, Australia was immediately taken to the hospital when she felt blurred vision and pain in her head.

After the doctor performed the MRI scan, he saw an 8 millimeter long lesion in the ocyptal lobe on the back of his head. When the surgeon removed what looked like a cyst, it turned out that it was not human tissue, but a tapeworm.

From DNA tests showed that it was known as Taenia Solium tape worm pork, because it is often transmitted to humans when consuming undercooked pork.

This case is believed to be the first genuine case of neurocysticercosis or a disease caused by infection of the central nervous system due to tapeworm larvae in Australia.

According to the study authors published in The American Journal of Tropical Medicine, previous cases that occurred in Australia came from immigrants or residents who recently returned after traveling to endemic areas.

Meanwhile, the woman has never traveled to a country where tapeworm transmission is common, such as parts of Asia and Latin America. Scientists believe it may have accidentally swallowed solium T eggs released by the carrier tape worm others who are from affected countries.

“Doctors need to realize that with the ease and frequency of world travel, a disease that is very endemic in many parts of the world can pose a risk to residents of countries with low endemicity,” explained the study authors quoted from the Independent, Sunday (11/10/2020).

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