MiG-31 intercepted two US Air Force bombers over the Bering Sea :: Politics :: RBK


(Photo: Ildus Gilyazutdinov / RIA Novosti)

Russian airspace controls over the waters of the Bering Sea have spotted two US Air Force B-1B strategic bombers, the Russian Federation’s National Defense Control Center said.

“To identify air targets and prevent violation of the State Border of the Russian Federation, a MiG-31 fighter was taken into the air from the air defense forces of the Pacific Fleet,” the message says.

Russian fighters intercept US Air Force plane over the Bering Sea

The crew escorted the aircraft at the border and, after the vessels turned around, returned to the home airfield. The press service emphasized that the entire flight of the team took place in strict accordance with international requirements.

This is the second appearance of American bombers over the Bering Sea this week. Previously, MiG-31 and Su-35s fighters escorted near the Russian borders over this water area, the strategic bomber B-1В Lancer. The fighter flights, as well as today, went well.


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