Middle School Students in Jombang Beaten by Group of Pesilat Fighters to Breaking Bones


A Jombang middle school student with the initials IR fell victim to a mob of martial arts fighters. The 14-year-old teenager was beaten until his nose and ear broke.

Reported detikJatim, Monday (12/19/2022) the incident started when the victim walked to school alone, Thursday (12/15) morning. When approaching her school, this eighth grader was suddenly confronted with 6 teenagers.

The victim knew three of the 6 teenagers. The victim was then taken to the school of the perpetrators.

In the parking lot of a madrasa school in Megaluh district, Jombang, the victim was beaten. The victim was also forcibly taken to Karet Dam in Sudimoro village, Megaluh at around 10:00 WIB.

“Then I was taken to Karet Dam, then beaten. More than 10 perpetrators. I was beaten and kicked,” the victim told reporters at her home on Sunday (12/18/2022).

The perpetrators beat the victim black and blue and then fled. Fortunately the victim was helped by residents who crossed the Karet Dam. “My whole body hurts. Now I’m still in some pain. I haven’t been to school since Thursday,” she explained.

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