Microsoft’s new approach to the future

In the future of the Redmond group there is MetaOS. Not a real operating system, but a layer that will cross all the services offered by Microsoft intended for both the business and consumer sectors, a sort of common platform that will make elements such as the browser even more part of the same family Edge, the package applications Office/365, Bing research e Windows just to give some examples.

The MetaOS project for the Microsoft to come

The always well-informed Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet who had anticipated the existence of the project at the end of August describes the experience imagined by Microsoft rather similar to that put in place by the Chinese Tencent with WeChat: the messaging application is just the tip of the iceberg that is completed with other software and services, primarily those dedicated to payments. Likewise MetaOS will rely on a people-oriented rather than device-oriented approach, leveraging their data also thanks to the use of advanced AI solutions.

And it is precisely to money and wallet management that the US software house seems to look with interest for the launch of a new product curated by the newborn internal team WebXT (Web Experiences Team) working on Bing, Edge, MSN and content.

Such a move would lead Microsoft’s business to focus more onconsumer offer, following a principle according to which each of us finds himself having to manage his time between professional activity and private life on a daily basis, an even more marked need following the explosion of the smart working. In this perspective, the interest in the social network can be well understood TikTok.

By leveraging MetaOS, the company will be able to further push the diffusion of products such as 365 that inlast fiscal quarter generated approximately $ 30 billion in revenue, up 50% over the same period last year. Finally, it is necessary to clarify that at the moment the initiative has not been officially confirmed and it is not known if and when it will make its debut.

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