Microsoft’s Game Pass platform generates $ 2.9 billion in revenue on Xbox alone in 2021, accounting for 18% of overall game-related revenue #Xbox Game Pass (183778)

Just recently, Microsoft officially announced to gamers the revenue trend of its subscription platform, Xbox Game Pass, on the Xbox console, proving that the platform has indeed achieved great success. Microsoft brings quite surprising success. According to information released by Microsoft, the platform will generate an astonishing revenue of over $ 2 billion on the Xbox console alone in 2021.

$ 2.9 billion in revenue on a single platform in one year

The TweakTown website provides more detailed data details in a new report that Xbox Game Pass achieved an extremely high revenue performance of $ 2.9 billion on the Xbox console platform in 2021. According to information provided by Microsoft, the Total revenue of the Xbox games division in fiscal year 2021 is 16.28 billion, which means that the revenue of the Game Pass platform on the Xbox console represents up to 18% of the total revenue and is also equal to games and services in the same period, about 30% of income.

It is worth mentioning that the current public figures are only the performance of this platform on the Xbox Series X / S console. TweakTown website analyst Derek Strickland speculates that between August 2021 and March 2022, the number of Game Pass platform subscribers for PC and Xbox versions officially reached between 15 and 18 million. Of course, this is only the estimated data from third-party websites, not the exact information provided by Microsoft.

In any case, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription platform really had a significant impact on the entire gaming industry and when Microsoft announced it would fully acquire Activision Blizzard, even if this platform will cause a monopoly in the gaming market it became. a problem It is one of the subjects closely followed by regulators around the world.

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The masterpieces continue to be on the subscription platform and the number of subscribers is still growing steadily

Of course, the best thing about the Xbox Game Pass platform for gamers around the world is the opportunity to experience all kinds of exciting new games, whether it’s a great promotional masterpiece from Microsoft’s own family or some more indie games. small, for example, only this month, subscribers will have the opportunity to play the horror shooter Contempt, the sequel to the well-known action drama game A Plague Tale: Requiem, and the acclaimed “Requiem” on the Persona 5: Royal platform. Edition “three key masterpieces. In the part of independent games, many developers have also benefited from the crowd of players on this platform, which has led to a significant growth in the number of players of their games.

For example, “Knighthood 2” has grown by a whopping 500,000 players in the player count portion after joining the Game Pass platform, so this platform is currently filled with endless possibilities for gamers, developers, and Microsoft’s same gender and benefit. But just like Netflix, as long as it’s not Microsoft’s doing, third-party games on this platform will be removed after a period of time, so many players still seem to prefer the more traditional buying mechanism than other malls like Steam, but Game Pass That platform really demonstrates the possibilities of a gaming subscription platform.

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