Microsoft’s clouds are crashing. The solution to the problems has not yet been found

Microsoft’s cloud computing services are facing outages again. Last week, there was a major authentication issue with Azure Active Directory, followed by outages with Exchange Server and Outlook affecting Office 365 customers in Europe and India. And now users of Microsoft Teams, Exchange Server, Outlook, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Outlook are struggling again.

While Microsoft warned users earlier this week to expect residual problems, it still received a lot of angry tweets.

Recent crashes appear to be primarily affecting US users, with some users reporting an issue accessing their Control Panels in Central Administration. There were also reports that a number of Microsoft 365 services, as well as Azure Active Directory and Azure Networking services, were experiencing operational issues.

The multitude of problems means that it is difficult to determine the single cause of failures. Initially, it was assumed that there was an issue with Azure DevOps Server, while some of the early failures of Azure were related to configuration changes. Meanwhile, the Microsoft 365 team is reassuring users that its problems are in the works.

«Our investigation showed that changes to the network infrastructure resulted in access issues, — reported on Microsoft 365 Status on Twitter. – Our telemetry data shows that the service is being restored and then returned to its previous state. “.

The challenges that Microsoft’s cloud solutions have recently faced can be very costly for the company, given the increased competition in the cloud computing market.

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