Microsoft Teams: Soon 49 participants visible

The Corona-crisis has missed Tools for virtual Meetings with other Team members, students, colleagues, or friends a big boost. Zoom is one of the companies that benefit the most, but also Google, Microsoft and others have gotten a good piece of the pie.

How to Microsoft by Blog Post is known, will distribute later this month for participants in the Preview of a new Layout for Video Meetings. You get a 7×7 Layout-to-face, in the maximum of 49 participants visible at the same time can be, such as in the case of Zoom so. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 250 limited, Zoom in to 500. Microsoft plans to distribute the new view for all the Teams-users in the autumn.

In addition to this Change, there are additional innovations, especially for the field of education. So you will be able to use it in the future so-called Breakout Rooms to work out of the Meeting in smaller groups, there will be new Insights for teachers and students can virtually raise their Hand. In order to simplify the use and operation significantly.

In this country is more and more on E-Learning, but if you look at the relationships (at least in my environment), then it is far from modern technologies and Tools, there is still a good piece.

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