Microsoft Teams Premium official: you have to pay extra for these features

The Premium version of Microsoft Teams is available from today. For ten dollars a month you get a good dose of AI.

Microsoft announces general availability of Teams Premium after a limited audience already there since January could work with. Teams Premium is an additional paid subscription on top of what is included in your Microsoft 365 subscription. With a palette of AI functions and personalized meeting room, Microsoft hopes to convince companies to provide that extra.

Seasoned with AI

The magic word is artificial intelligence. Microsoft is reaping the first fruits of its renewed partnership with OpenAI and adding some features to Teams enabled by the GPT 3.5 language model, which also includes ChatGPT is based. These AI functionalities come to the meeting platform with Teams Premium.

With the function intelligent recap Microsoft Teams relieves you from taking notes during a meeting. As soon as you have waved goodbye to everyone, you immediately get a summary of what has been said. The algorithms search for the information that is most important to you, and also draw up a division of tasks so that action points in a meeting do not remain empty words.

Let Microsoft Teams take notes for you. Bron: Microsoft

If you still want to review the entire meeting, Microsoft Teams will add markings to bring more structure to the recording. In addition to a subdivision into different ‘chapters’, Teams also shows the moment you left the meeting, and which speaker spoke when.

AI should also provide better live subtitles for forty languages. The timemarks in presentations are immediately available, summaries from the second quarter of 2023.

Personal touch

Companies that are proud of their brand can now also communicate this during video meetings. Microsoft Teams Premium offers the option to create personalized backgrounds. With custom meeting templates, it’s clearer to attendees what kind of meetings they’ll be participating in.

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The Premium offering also adds some security features, such as end-to-end encryption, watermarking, and the option to control who can record a meeting. Finally, customers can now also make virtual appointments with you via Teams.

microsoft teams custom background
Give meetings a personal touch. Bron: Microsoft

Behind a paywall

With the launch of Teams Premium, some features will also move from the standard offering to the Premium offering. It involves these six functions:

  • Live translated subtitles
  • Timeline markers in meeting recordings
  • Personalized Together Fashion Wallpapers
  • SMS notifications of meetings
  • Scheduled Queue View
  • Organizational analytics in the admin dashboard

Microsoft will be back a lot in the coming weeks new functions add to Teams. It is not yet known whether there are functions that are exclusive to Premium users, although this can no longer be ruled out from now on.

10 dollars a month

A Premium subscription will cost your organization $10 per month. Prices in euros are not yet available on Microsoft’s website, but this will probably not differ much from ten euros per month. Microsoft offers the option to try Teams Premium for free for 30 days and offers the subscription for seven dollars per month until July 1.

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