Microsoft Teams. Changes in joining meetings are coming. Special codes will appear

FROM Microsoft Teamsas reported by the portal, is used by over 115 million people daily. The meeting application has been operating since 2017. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, its popularity has increased as its popularity grew work remote.

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Microsoft Teams is making changes to joining meetings

For in-app meetings Microsoft Teams will soon be able to be attached easily and quickly using a 13-digit code that can be entered into the Microsoft application calendar. Thanks to this, you will not have to search for the appropriate link in your e-mail box.

“All meetings will have a meeting ID, which is automatically assigned to the Microsoft Teams user and added to the invitation at the meeting link. Attendees can join the meeting by entering the generated ID. For all meeting participants, the initial join, lobby, and security will remain the same.” we read in a release published by the company.

Coronavirus. Problems with the operation of the Microsoft Teams messenger

Problems with Microsoft Teams

On March 16, users of the application had big problems with the stability of its operation. Most likely, this was due to the large number of people using Microsoft Teams or the changes made. A few days before the problem with the application, Microsoft made it possible for all interested parties to obtain a free license for six months.

In early 2021, Microsoft announced that it intends to change Windows 10. The company plans to introduce a package of changes to the system called “Sun Valley”, one of them is to refresh the appearance of open windows – they are to be rounded. Unofficially, Windows 10 is to be refreshed in the fall of 2021.

Windows 10 - one system for all devicesWindows 10 will get a refreshed interface, and this is not the end

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