Microsoft Store Introduces AI Review Summary Function and Other AI Elements

This year’s Microsoft Build developer conference brought a lot of exciting news! In addition to the eye-catching Copilot AI assistant and the integration of Bing search into ChatGPT and other important products and services, the Microsoft Store has also ushered in several exciting new AI elements. One of them is the introduction of the AI ​​review summary function, which allows you to easily get a summary of other users’ reviews for your app or game without spending time reading a large number of user reviews.

In addition to releasing key products and services such as the Copilot AI assistant and the integration of Bing search into ChatGPT at this year’s Microsoft Build developer conference, several new AI elements can also be found in the Microsoft Store, one of which is that the Microsoft Store will introduce AI review summaries.

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The AI ​​review summary function that will be introduced in the Microsoft Store will collect comments from other users on the application or game and generate a summary, so that users can more easily know whether the relevant apps are good or bad, and do not need to spend time looking at other User feedback. In addition, Microsoft will also find AI Hub, which will specifically display AI-related applications, so that users can download some AI-related creation or production apps. In addition, developers are also a group of beneficiaries from the introduction of AI elements in the Microsoft Store, allowing developers to use metadata and other information to allow AI to create search tags for related apps, helping to increase the possibility of their apps being searched in the Microsoft Store .

As for the Microsoft Store Ad, there are also AI-related updates. For example, it will be added to the Bing search results starting next month, so people who use the Edge browser to find content can also know the search results for Windows apps. Also starting next month, Microsoft Store Ads will expand to more than 150 regions outside the United States, and developers will also be able to display video ads in the focus of the store.

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