Microsoft stopped making all Xbox One consoles in 2020

Microsoft confirmed that production of all Xbox One console models ended at the end of 2020. In June of the same year, a few months before the launch of the new Xbox Series X and Series S, the company said that it had discontinued production of the Xbox Ones. One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, but that the Xbox One S would continue to be produced and sold worldwide.

Apparently that wasn’t quite what happened, in statements to The Verge website, Cindy Walker, the marketing director for Xbox consoles, said that “To focus on the production of Xbox Series X and S, we stopped producing all Xbox One models. at the end of 2020. This news comes at a time when, according to Bloomberg, Sony intends to manufacture one million PlayStation 4 this year to make up for the lack of PlayStation 5 on store shelves.

Microsoft does not publish sales figures for Xbox consoles, but according to estimates by analyst Daniel Ahmad of Niko Partners, the company sold about 56 million Xbox Ones over the lifetime of the previous generation. By comparison, Sony said it had sold over 116 million PlayStation 4 consoles as of September 30, 2021.

Although Xbox One consoles are no longer in production, games for that generation continue to be developed as the market transitions to next-gen consoles. Microsoft will continue to provide Xbox One technical and software support for a few more years.14


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