Microsoft shows documents from when they wanted to buy Nintendo

Microsoft is celebrating 20 years of the Xbox and in connection with this created a virtual museum for the game console. Among the items on display is a letter from 1999 when Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo.

Microsoft and Xbox feel a bit nostalgic and have created a virtual museum where they show many parts of the Xbox 20-year history. The exhibition contains, to say the least, an interesting letter from the year 1999 when Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo without much success.

Unfortunately, not all of the letter shows up. Exactly why is unclear but the middle part is covered by the description of the object

It is said that high-ranking officials at Nintendo “laughed their ass off” at the idea that Microsoft would buy Nintendo. In retrospect, it might be a good thing that the deal never got off the ground. The chance that we would have both Xbox and Nintendo consoles today if the two giant companies had merged does not feel any further great.

Anyone who wants to take a look at the letter in a museum environment and read about other milestones in Xbox history can visit it the virtual museum and take your own browser-based walk.

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