Microsoft reveals the genesis of design

Several members of Microsoft’s Xbox division design team spoke to Fast Company’s microphones to illustrate the development process carried out since 2017 to shape the design of the Xbox Series X and S.

The reportage signed by the Fast Company editorial staff is accompanied by several images, shared by Microsoft itself, which immortalize the different prototypes made by the Redmond company before arriving at form factor finale di Xbox Series X e Xbox Series S.

According to the Microsoft designers, the design of the two nextgen consoles required a lot of time and effort multiplied by the fact that, at the time, the designers did not yet know the final arrangement of the hardware components. The analyzes were also conducted through what is defined as a real “door to door”, that is with employees of the American company who visited the homes of various gamers to understand what the “standard videogame station” of the fans was and receive gods from them opinions on the prototypes presented to him.

At the end of these analyzes, Microsoft decided to opt for a tower design with Xbox Series X and with a more traditional form factor, but equally minimalist, per Xbox Series S. In the Fast Company special it is also revealed that among the designers of the Redmond house Series S was nicknamed “SLICE” since, originally, the most popular prototype among designers was completely similar to that of the current Series X, but with a lower height that would have given it the appearance of a “sliced” console.

At the bottom of the news you will find the images of the prototypes of Microsoft’s nextgen consoles and the link to the complete article of Fast Company, but first we remind you that Xbox Series X and S will be released on November 10th at the price respectively of 499 e 299 euro.

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