Microsoft Removes Unattainable Achievement in Homestead Arcana on Xbox Series X and PC

Although not officially confirmed, it could be none other than Microsoft.

Removed the Homestead Arcana a previously unattainable achievement in the agricultural game called „You Can’t Be Can’t Be Too Prepared” listened to his name.

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A TrueAchievements says that such a case is extremely rare, as Microsoft very rarely completely deletes achievements. However, this unusual case was absolutely justified, since the players had to make all the items in the game, but no recipe was given for the Green Ankle Boots, so it was not possible to craft them either, so no matter how hard the players tried, they could not complete the achievement.

While Microsoft hasn’t officially announced this, it’s clear that they removed it, most likely at the request of developer Serenity Forge. Bugged achievements like this have appeared in various games before, but they were usually either fixed or simply ignored.

Achievement removals are extremely rare, so it’s unclear what happened behind the scenes in this particular situation. Maybe it was just easier to remove one by one than to fix it.

Homestead Arcana was released in April 2023 for Xbox Series X and PC, but received very mixed reviews upon release, and currently holds a score of 62 on Metacritic. Available on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and even included in Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

2023-06-06 01:49:30
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