Microsoft releases new office app for Android

Microsoft has been testing since late 2019 a completely new office app for Android and iOS, which is to combine several office services. With the app, for example, it will be superfluous in the future to install your own app for PowerPoint, Word and Excel on your smartphone, because the office app can do everything.

Now has Android Police discovers that the new Office app is available to all Android users and has therefore left the beta phase. You can get them for free in the Google Play Store and try them out as an Office user. Incidentally, Microsoft has not yet confirmed the release.

Office for Android: No tablet support

When asked by Android Police, they did not want to comment and stated that there is currently nothing to announce. So we don’t know what the status of the iOS app is. You will probably announce the release of both together and maybe this will happen this week.

Incidentally, the app does not seem to have been optimized for tablets yet, which is sure to follow, after all, it is office apps and one will use them more on a tablet than a smartphone. Since Microsoft did not want to comment on this, as I said, we have to wait for the coming day.

Microsoft: New Surface products expected

Microsoft could hold something like a spring event in the coming weeks and is also said to have planned new Surface products there. With it, according to Petri, there is a new Surface Book 3, which is now not a big step, but at least current …February 15, 2020 READ NOW →



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