Microsoft provides Edge browser with price comparator – Computer – News

In itself, price comparison is an interesting feature that can work wonders for your popularity *kuch*

Or in it belongs in a browser? Well, does a ‘read later’ reader belong in a browser? Media managers? A password manager? Ad blocker? Search function? Social media? *

Browsers can differentiate and target audiences by offering built-in functionality. The fact that there is a built-in price comparison tool can be quite popular. And if it is used little, it will disappear again.

I just wish Microsoft the best of luck, if there’s one thing retailers are good at, it’s making prices hard to compare, using all kinds of channel-specific SKUs and brand names.

* Respectively I was thinking of Firefox (with Pocket), Songbird, Firefox (and others followed), Brave & Safari, Firefox & Chrome, Flock & Rockmelt.

[Reactie gewijzigd door Keypunchie op 9 oktober 2020 13:21]

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