Microsoft hopes the UK regular will also position itself against the purchase of Activision Blizzard

Another stone in the road for this purchase.

Promotional image of the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft.

The purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft was, without a doubt, the most important news that we knew during the past year 2022. This managed, as soon as the year began, to revolutionize the entire sector, something that had rarely been achieved before . Many minimized the impact of this purchase, but the truth is that we are referring to two of the most important companies in the sector, and that is Activision Blizzard has published some video games which, without having been bought yet, are already some of the best multiplayer titles for Xbox, and for any platform, something that exemplifies very well the magnitude of the deal.

At the time, it was commented that the purchase would have been carried out for the first half of this year 2023, but after complaints from certain regulatory bodies, it seems that this will not be possible, which may be a big problem for Microsoft, given the large amount that it will have to pay Activision Blizzard if this purchase is not completed. Now, following antitrust warnings from US and European entities, it appears Microsoft is hoping the UK regulator will be next to oppose it.

A report reveals this suspicion of Microsoft

This has been revealed in a report by the prestigious New York Timesin which it is revealed, basically, that the legal team of Microsoft expects UK antitrust authorities to oppose this purchase.

Even so, this same report also relates how this Microsoft team believes that the European authorities are open to possible solutions to give the green light to the purchase. Likewise, they also believe they can convince the UK authorities of the same, thus achieving Get out of two of the big pitfalls for this purchase.

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Fortunately, it seems that if Microsoft can convince both regulators, it will also could get a settlement with the FTC, the antitrust authority of the United States, this being the same one that has brought this purchase to trial. Even so, for now we will have to wait, because it seems that this process could take a long time, mainly due to the reluctance of certain countries to approve the purchase.

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