Microsoft focuses on players and amenities for them. The head of Xbox marketing comments on the increase in game prices

The topic of increased game prices stimulates our industry more and more. After 2K started the machine, some publishers also decided to pay increases or promised to “watch the market”. In yesterday’s statement published on our website, Jim Ryan of Sony spoke of the obvious value of PlayStation 5 titles.

In the latest Real Deal Xbox podcast, Aaron Greenberg also made extensive comments on the situation. He described the increase in the prices of games as a “super complicated issue”, but also stressed that recently Microsoft has offered its first-party games in various price ranges:

“The issue of game prices is very complicated, because in the past, each production debuted in one amount and that was it. But we’ve released Ori and the Will of the Wisps for $ 30, while Gears Tactics is a new title coming this Christmas for $ 60. State of Decay 2 started for $ 40. So there is no simple answer to that, but let me tell you that we’re launching Tactics for $ 60. “

Microsoft focuses on players

The head of the Xbox marketing, however, drew attention to an extremely important matter regarding players preferring Microsoft consoles – the American corporation focuses primarily on players, which is indicated by the Xbox Game Pass subscription and Smart Delivery technology.

“Our commitment and the way we have approached this generation is that all your gaming accessories work, we are not going to make you pay for future versions of our games, we created Smart Delivery … we tried to be ‘fan-first ‘in every possible way. “

“I’d say Smart Delivery first, but most importantly, all our games hit the market on Game Pass, so does the price of the game really matter when it’s included in the Game Pass subscription?”

Greenberg emphasizes that soon higher-priced games, such as sports productions, will debut soon even in this topic, the Redmond giant relies on fans:

“This is a different approach and of course they are free to do whatever they want with their products and prices but [w kwestii cen gier – red.] we really took a fan oriented approach. “

Roger spoke about the increases in game prices and their consequences – check out his interesting text.

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