Microsoft Flight Simulator’s head of development says Phil Spencer mistook gameplay footage for real footage

Speaking with VGC, Joerg Neumann, Microsoft Flight Simulator Lead, saidwhile pitching the game to Xbox head Phil Spencer.

According to Neumann, he immediately realized that the developers had something unique in their hands, since there were no fans of the simulator among the leaders in the hall, but they were still amazed at the presentation.

When I first showed Phil the demo, I chose Seattle. I flew over the Microsoft campus, literally the building we were sitting in. And then he asked me, “Why are you showing me the Seattle video?” I immediately realized that I had managed to hook it.

I said it’s not a video, it’s a real-time game, and he said, “Nothing like that” *laughs*. We knew we had something unique in our hands.

Jorg Neumanndeveloper of Microsoft Flight Simulator

Neumann noted that being able to view the planet from above without leaving the room was key to the game’s success.

When we released the game, we saw a lot of people who are somewhat interested in airplanes, but most of all they like the planet. This is the main feature that has attracted new players to the franchise.

Jorg Neumanndeveloper of Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator came to PC in 2020 and has become one of the most acclaimed releases from Microsoft. Console versions for the Xbox series were released later in 2021.

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