Microsoft Flight Simulator. Top Gun: Maverick is available for free

Microsoft Flight Simulator has new content. Top Gun: Maverick is available for free to owners of the popular flying simulator. From now on, we will play the role of the pilot of the legendary F / A-18E Super Hornet.

The latest addition Top Gun: Maverick refers to the movie of the same title, which is currently taking over the big screens around the world. We can already experience a sky-high adventure on ours personal computers and Xbox Series X | S consoles. The content was created in collaboration with Paramount Pictures.

The add-on offers a new plane, i.e. F/A – 18E Super Hornet. Daredevils who “will grab” for its helm, they will learn how to use this machine in special training missions. New aviation challenges, including landing on an aircraft carrier or flights in the mountains and canyons, will allow us to polish our piloting skills of this machine. There will also be an experimental hypersonic plane that will allow you to climb to the top of the stratosphere.

You must be the owner to claim the add-on Microsoft Flight Simulator. The game is available on consoles Xbox Series X|S and Windows personal computers under Xbox Game Pass i PC Game Pass. The flying simulator is constantly being developed. They will go into production this year completely new solutions.

Sebastian Barysz, journalist of Polygamy

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