Microsoft emotion recognition is terminated

Have you ever heard of emotion recognition? Microsoft? The Azure Face software, which is powered through the artificial intelligence (AI), was created to recognize a person’s emotion from videos and photos. However, the company has announced that it will retire this feature. Understand the reasons!

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Microsoft emotion recognition

Activists and academics have raised concerns for years, claiming that facial recognition software that claims to be able to identify a human’s gender, age, and emotional state can be quite biased, unreliable, and invasive — and for that reason, it shouldn’t be. sold.

Microsoft’s tool has been criticized for trivializing such “emotion recognition”. According to experts, facial expressions considered universal by the app are different depending on populations, so it is not possible to equate external displays of emotion with deeper feelings.

Natasha Crampton, the director responsible for the AI ​​tool, wrote in a post with the news announcement that experts both inside and outside the company pointed to the lack of scientific consensus regarding the definition of emotions, as well as the problems of pervasive outcomes.

Microsoft has already stopped offering emotion recognition features to new customers. However, for those who were already using the service, access must be revoked by June 2023.

Access to the tool will still be allowed in some cases

The tool can still be used in some situations. From now on, users will need to sign up to use Azure Face, telling Microsoft how, where and for what purpose the systems will be used.

That way, use cases that have less harmful potential (such as automatically blurred faces in videos and images, for example) will remain with available access.

The decision to discontinue indiscriminate use of the tool is part of a long overhaul of Microsoft’s ethics policies regarding artificial intelligence. In addition, the company intends to limit access to some other features, as well as completely remove others from its list of apps.

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