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Microsoft has released version 88 of its Edge browser. This version includes a password generator and Password Manager, a feature that warns users if they save a password that is unsafe due to data leaks.

Password Monitor is part of Edge 88, but Microsoft reports that it may take several weeks for users to actually see this feature appear in the browser. When a user enters a password to be saved, the function contacts a server to check if it has been leaked in a data breach. Password Monitor does this every so often as a precaution.

Microsoft reports that it is important that the edge server should not know information about users’ usernames and passwords and that third parties should not be allowed to access the data between the user and the edge server. Microsoft uses for this homomorphic encryption. This allows the company to perform analysis on encrypted data, without having to decrypt the data to get results.

According to Microsoft it is its first consumer application for homomorphic encryption and is working on further applications. The company claims that the procedure is optimized to work on both lower specification and high-end systems, as well as all operating systems running Edge.

Edge 88 also includes a password generator, and Microsoft has updated the view for permissions granted to sites. For example, users must have a better overview of which sites have permission to share locations and can access the camera and microphone. Finally, Edge 88 has made it easier to enable tracking prevention in private mode, and support for Secure DNS has been added.

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