Microsoft E3 2021 Summary Exclusive

One of the most anticipated conferences of the E3 season, the Xbox Games Showcase, took place last night. Mainly we were curious about the event because now, on the one hand, the Redmondians had to roll a huge roll, and on the other hand, they held the show shoulder to shoulder with Bethesda, which was acquired last year. List the announcements below!

A sort a Starfield started, or Bethesda’s long-awaited astronaut fun, to which we got a really cheeky CGI trailer. They didn’t show much, just enough to exhaust us, but the release date is peeking out: November 11, 2022!

Watch this video great!

We continue to scoot for the child of GSC Game World, what many of us have been waiting for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2and luckily we shouldn’t be disappointed as we got a pretty chunky presentation. A really weird mood bomb, with a number of gameplay scenes in it, and at the end with a release date that we can expect on April 28, 2022.

With a muzzle preview, the Left 4 Dead explodes as a spiritual heir Back 4 Bloodby the original creators of Left 4 Dead. The premiere is due on October 12, as we know, and will be included in the Xbox Game Pass offer on the day of its debut.

Avalanche Studios arrives with a restrained pastime over a brand new IP. This Contraband, all we know at the moment is that it will be an open-world, cooperative title, worth expecting to be operating in South American states as smugglers.

A Sea of Thieves his title pops up and then he waits for a well-known pirate, the king of rum, Jack Sparrow. So sure, a crossover arrives with the legendary figure of Pirates of the Caribbean, who will be joining the party on June 22nd.

What we absolutely did not expect is that Electronic Arts will bring here the Battlefield 2042 gameplay presentation, but they managed to put together such an exciting and diverse montage that we put our hair away from it too!

A time-looped thriller under the auspices of Annapurna Interactive, a 12 Minutes with a fresh trailer, tell me when it will be released. Accompanied by a dubbing work by Daisy Ridley and James McAvoy, the video reveals that this August 19th is a tribute to this superstitious, exciting frenzy.

How to not, a Psychonauts 2 you also get your own block, so if you don’t have a snag from it yet, be sure to check out the latest, otherwise awfully cozy hobbyist. On August 25, it will really show up now – at least hopefully …

A Fallout 76 the rest of the player will also be delighted with the next block, as Bethesda announces that they will add a Steel Reign add-on to the game for free on July 7, and then quickly add that we’ll get a new expedition in 2022, called The Pitt.

A terribly overcast and interesting trailer will unveil the 2022 debut Party Animals, which can best be described as having the fun of Gang Beasts squared in the realm of madness. We love it!

As was almost envelopable, there was an official announcement that Hades would be scouring the Xbox console offering for both the One and Series S / Xs. We can expect all this on August 13th!

This is almost what we expected best, especially after last year’s sharing presentation: let’s see the Halo Infinite-et! We get a first-hand walkthrough at the cinema, which gives us a slightly deeper insight into the story, in which we can once again see Chief’s Calvary in relation to Cortana.

Then, however, we come across gameplay cuts related to the multiplayer section. Although it has been claimed that Halo Infinite will return to its roots in all areas, here you will feel more the impact of Halo 5’s multiplayer mode, but we’ll see how it will look in practice.

You will finally get a release date for the Xbox consoles, among others Diablo II Resurrected, or a refurbished version of the legendary second part. The very well-cut and roof-mounted trailer reveals that the release is due on September 23rd.

The Focus Home Interactive and Asobo Studio logos appear on the screen with one of the best announcements of the day. The highly successful A Plague Tale: Innocence is followed by a sequel A Plague Tale: Requiem under the title. We can expect the release in 2022!

Short intermezzo a Far Cry 6related if you may not already be full of snowshoes with it. This time, the focus was not on the drama, but rather on the crazy solutions that the game is full of.

The hugely popular cute farm game, Slime Rancher, also gets a sequel. THE Slime Rancher 2 will also be released in 2022, and like many others, it will land on the Xbox Game Pass offering.

Microsoft is also taking its share of the currently rampant extreme sports frenzy as the studio announces the Shredders snowboarding game in which adrenaline-filled thrills can already be guaranteed. Arriving in December 2021!

Undoubtedly, he received the most overcast, yet one of the most interesting previews of the day. Atomic Heart. Accompanied by a terribly strange Russian music background, we can see the latest gameplay moments of the game, here it is:

Arrive a short Among Us teaser as if it were still relevant, then comes the Grounded. Yes, Grounded is still alive and well, although there are hardly any updates coming to the program, but the Shroom & Doom update has been unveiled, bringing with it a new spider species, among other things.

The spiritual heir of the Suikoden series, from the original creators Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes also coming to Xbox by 2023, and before that comes Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising in 2022.

You will receive a release date of July 29 a The Ascent isometric-looking twin stick shooter, followed by a terribly spectacular trailer Age of Empires IVwhich will arrive on October 28th.

What comes next, however, is without a doubt the best advance not only on the complete E3, but throughout the decade. The Obsidian brought the The Outer Worlds 2 announcer’s teaser, which specifically explains what most announcer videos are about. It’s a huge pull, and it’s adorable what a humor the guys have!

The Xbox Series S / X will arrive on July 27th Microsoft Flight Simulatorand then in the fall comes a free expansion that can be linked to the movie Top Gun: Maverick. Then comes what was guaranteed, but it’s gratifying to be flashed: here’s the first trailer for Forza Horizon 5, which shows that we’re traveling to Mexico and will be more spectacular than ever. Released November 9!

Last but not least, the show is a Redfall will end with a new Arkane game. The creators of Dishonored and Prey are making a vampire, fun-loving cooperative title this time around, but since we didn’t get a gameplay from it, just a CGI trailer, so we don’t know yet what to expect. It’s due in the summer of 2022 to get on store shelves!

So that would be the Xbox and Bethesda E3 conference about this year. We look forward to hearing what you think was the lead, whether you were disappointed, or which titles captivated you the most!



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