Microsoft could announce the purchase of another study

Son quite interesting dates for the video game industry. On the one hand, Microsoft is close to closing the purchase of Zenimax, with all that that may imply. On the other, Codemasters will probably end up being part of EA. To top it all, Nintendo recently acquired Next-Level Games. There is a lot of buying movement, but more announcements like that are coming. And it is that, it is likely that Microsoft announce another purchase soon.

The announcement of another purchase between video game companies is looming

It may be those from Redmond who make the move, since they were willing to make more announcements in the same line this year, or it may even be that the rumor of the purchase of Bluepoint Games will be finished. Be that as it may, on Twitter, user Brad Sams (Executive Editor of BWW Media Group) has published two tweets with which he makes it clear that a purchase is coming, which could well be from a studio or even an IP.

“There is a lot of money flowing around video game companies right now, many are receiving numerous proposals. I’m not sure if or when they will happen, but the value of video game IPs is skyrocketing. “

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Without a doubt, something that generates all kinds of doubts. What companies would be trading right now? Without going any further, yesterday we received a huge surprise with the collaboration between Ubi Massive y Lucasfilm Games for a new Star Wars game, and shortly before the announcement of an Indiana Jones game. There’s a lot of movement, and it seems like this is only just beginning.

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