Microsoft Copilot to revolutionize working on a computer by employing AI in Word, Excel, and Powerpoint –

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Word itself writes the text based on the data it pulls from the attached files. Excel automatically analyzes the data in the table and displays it in a graph. Powerpoint will create a complete presentation from text input in a moment. Outlook selects the most important e-mails, offers short summaries of long messages, and immediately suggests responses to them.

This is what a close person should look like the future of office applications equipped with AI technologies, presented by Microsoft. Microsoft 365 has integrated large language models into its suite of programs, on which, for example, ChatGPT runs.

The company is currently testing the new product called Copilot with a limited number of customers, and has not yet announced the date of the wide release. It is also not yet clear whether the new features will be free or paid for. “We’ll be announcing more about licensing and pricing soon,” only Microsoft promised.

The company also introduced the new Business Chat service, which should work across applications and their data (emails, calendar events, documents, contacts…) and can, for example, compile information on a single topic from a number of different sources.

Microsoft published short demo videos describing what AI-powered applications will offershe also showed some functions in a longer presentation:

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