Microsoft celebrates the 20th birthday of the Xbox with translucent peripherals

In honor of the round anniversary, the idea of ​​the translucent casing used for the very first version of the Xbox was brought up again.


Microsoft’s first game console, the Xbox, was launched in North America on November 15, 2001, and this year marks the 20th anniversary of the Redmond giant. Speaking of which, the company is launching two new peripherals dressed in festive gear, and their exterior was inspired by the Xbox Development Kit cover provided to developers before the presentation of the original console.

Xbox Development Kit
Xbox Development Kit (source: Wikimedia) [+]

Unfortunately, the visual world of the cover was only partially lifted by the 20th anniversary wireless controller and wired stereo headset when designing, since although transparency remained, the shade of green was replaced by black.


Fortunately, the distinctive Xbox Green returns in several places, such as the logo on the controller and the handle of the controller, as well as the headset microphone and the outside and inside of the speakers. The devices are identical in all other respects to their versions already on the market.

Both peripherals will be available for purchase from November 15, and purchase items will be uniformly $ 70.



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