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Microsoft celebrates 15 years of OneDrive with a redesign and new features

Microsoft celebrates the 15th anniversary of OneDrive With a new landing page, called OneDrive Home, it should make it easier to keep track of your work. Instead of accessing the My Files tab when you first open OneDrive, you’ll find yourself on the new home page that looks like this dashboard in the online version of Office.

Like the Office web app, OneDrive Home contains a list of your files, organized by when you recently accessed them. Above the list are filters that let you sort your documents by Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF file types.

It is easier to understand new changes once you see them.
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There’s also a new “Activity” column to the right of the “Owner” file field that tells you when someone leaves a comment, @ refers to another user, or assigns you a task in a shared document. On the left side of the Home view, Microsoft is adding a new Quick Access section, where (just like on Windows) you can find and pin frequently accessed spaces.

Unfortunately, those changes aren’t in effect at the moment – Microsoft says OneDrive Home will be available in the “coming months”. However, from what it looks like, the new home page can act as a central hub that helps you stay organized while collaborating remotely.

Besides its OneDrive web app, Microsoft is also rolling out files photo report function The OneDrive mobile app (essentially the OneDrive equivalent for Instagram Stories) for users in Australia. The feature won’t reach users in the US or other regions until later this year.

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