Microsoft announces new features in Teams


Microsoft continues to furnish at the service of users who work remotely since the spread of the coronavirus. For its Teams application, Microsoft announces new features in order to offer a work environment conducive to the development of everyone.

Faced with the challenge of remote working, Microsoft offers many solutions, following its evaluation sure the impact of remote work on workers.

“If we note more empathy between the collaborators of the same team and an improvement in the perception of remote work by managers, remote work also seems to generate greater fatigue, and the social bond which facilitated collaboration is informally lacking “, specifies the press release.

The study also reveals that pthree months after the start of the pandemic, people working remotely continue to interact by videoconference twice as often as before the epidemic, or 46% of their working time.

In addition, 70% of the distance courses include a video in order to strengthen the connection between students and teachers. Indeed, theThe number of scheduled meetings per week has increased by more than 35%.

Reduce eye strain and feel more connected to others

Following these numerous observations, Microsoft has implemented new functionalities in its Teams application, in order to make “More natural and engaging interactions”.

First, the functionality « Together mode », available in August, transposes the participants into a shared virtual environment, giving them the impression of sitting in the same room, to interpret facial expressions, and to facilitate the detection of non-verbal cues that are important for better understanding and better interaction.

To offer users the ability to customize the display in Teams and interact more easily, a dynamic field of vision will be set up, gthanks to integration of video filters like those that can be found on social networks, it will be possible to adjust the lighting levels in order to personalize its appearance.

Integration of emoticons displayed on participants’ windows added to allow users to react live during a meeting.

Dynamic chat bubbles also integrate into the participants’ windows. Indeed, each written intervention will appear in chat bubbles within the windows of each participant present at the videoconference.

Ensure the well-being of the teams

To carry out their mission, Microsoft is thus aging in the well-being of teams through its extension “Reflect messaging” accessible from GitHub, which will give managers or teachers the possibility of ensuring the well-being of their teams or their students by submitting questionnaires to them (Available in the coming weeks).

In another register, an update of the Whiteboard application (Whiteboard) in Teams will allow you to collaborate with post-its, notes, “drag and drop” of photos or documents to reproduce creation sessions as a team even for those who do not have access to touch screens.

Another novelty, Teams adapts to the management of large audiences and opens to welcoming 1000 participants simultaneously.

To optimize working time and environment, lapplication « Tasks », deployed this month, will offer a consolidated view of tasks that are assigned from different sources to a user.

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