Microsoft announced the next major update of Windows

Microsoft has revised its methods for the development of Windows 10 and now wants to clarify things. The firm has revised the name of its updates, and announces already the next version of Windows 10, scheduled for the end of the year.

Source : Microsoft

The time change seems to be coming to the development team of Windows 10 at Microsoft. After you have reviewed the operation of the program Windows Insider and have completed a corporate reorganization at the head of the teamMicrosoft clarifies its way of naming updates of its system.

A name that is more clear and more easy to remember

Currently, the firm uses three different names to refer to the versions of Windows 10. Take, for example, the update may for Windows 10which the deployment has started recently. During its development, Microsoft used the name Windows 10 20H1 (20 for 2020 and H1 for the ” first half of the year “), but the version number of this version is in fact Windows 10 2004 (20 for 2020, and 04 for the month of April). Finally, the business name known to the general public is ” update of may for Windows 10 “.

Microsoft will streamline all of this and keep only two different names : there will always be a special name for the general public, more easy to remember like “Creators Update” or ” update of may “, but the version number will now be in the format corresponding to the half of the year. The firm thus abandons the format FUNDS used only late in the development of an update and that was very confusing with ” 2004 “. Microsoft took the opportunity to announce the next version of its os : Windows a 10-20H2. With this name we can understand, therefore, that this is the version of Windows 10 scheduled for the second half of the year 2020.

The new Microsoft Edge server that is integrated

Beyond that, Microsoft maintains its strategy of a single update is really major per year, deployed at the beginning of the year, and then focus on performance improvements, and fixes to facilitate the use of the software on the second half of the year. The firm states that Windows 10 20H2 will therefore be deployed as a simple cumulative update on Windows Update. An installation process much more simple as a build a complete system that generally requires several reboots.

The Microsoft browser Edge // Source : Microsoft

First new feature announced, it is with Windows 10 20H2 as the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium will now be permanently integrated in the system by default. Until then, the system was still provided with the old version, though an update is being deployed to facilitate the transition.

For the members of the program Windows Insider, a first build of Windows 10 20H2 is already available for download. It is very logically reserved to the members of the channel Beta, ex loop slow, that is to say, those who wish to test out before the next update of the system. The installation of this new update remains optional for the members concerned, and it will be necessary to visit Windows Update to be a”seeker“and make a specific request to pass on this version.

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