Micro SOEs Merged into One, Employees Have Development Potential


The establishment of an ultra-micro BUMN holding is expected to provide benefits for many parties. Including, for employees who work in state-owned enterprises in it.

President Director of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk Sunarso said the ultra micro holding would be an opportunity for employees to develop careers. He explained, if initially employees had to compete in a narrow area, now they can compete in a wider area.

“For employees of these three entities, this is an extraordinary opportunity, because by merging this into one ecosystem. If we used to compete in swimming in shallow and narrow pools, now we are competing to bring out our best potential in bigger ponds and even in lakes, even in the deep sea called this ultra micro ecosystem,” he said at the signing of the Share Transfer Agreement for the Establishment of Ultra Micro Holding, Monday (13/9/2021).

“This means that this new, bigger forum is a conducive place to develop the careers of all of you, of course, according to their respective potentials, their respective competitions,” he said.

For customers, ultra micro holding will provide benefits in the form of a variety of products at lower prices. Because holding makes the process more efficient.

“Because the process will be more efficient through the collaboration of various items at the location, then shared digital use and others, it is possible to serve as many people as possible, at the lowest possible cost, because the process is as efficient as possible,” he explained.

Meanwhile, for shareholders, the benefit received is the certainty of the source of the company’s growth.

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“Later, shareholders will have certainty that BRI has certain sources of growth. And sources of growth do not have to force BRI to go up and look for big ones, because the source of growth is supplied from the bottom, from the ultra-micro,” he explained.




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