mici to the rescue in the videos that are popular on social networks

Not at all Bowser or Wario: the real enemies of Super Mario are cats, to want to listen to the videos of Mario Kart Live Home Circuit that have been going crazy on social media since the launch of the latest Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Thanks to Augmented reality, the new racing game from the Kyoto company promises to transform one’s home into a real Mario Kart circuit. In addition to the video game, the Home Circuit package includes the entire kit to create tracks, with interactive elements such as the finish line and tokens for upgrades to be scattered on the track.

The real superstar of Mario Kart Home Circuit, however, is an “additional content” that is not offered in any bundle but which, however, should already be present in many of the homes of Nintendo arcade racing buyers. We refer of course to domestic cats, which (strange to believe) would not seem particularly fond of sharing one’s space with some radio-controlled cars.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that the videos of those who confirm this multiply on social networks poor feeling between your cat and the little Super Mario racing around in the living room in his own mini-kart. Net of the future consequences of the gauntlet thrown to Nintendo’s mustachioed plumber from the entire family tree of felines, we refer you to ours Mario Kart Live Home Circuit review and considerations outspoken (cats permitting) by Michele Verardi.

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