Michigan Governor points to Trump after foiling kidnapping

Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer lashes out at President Trump after FBI prevented that six men would kidnap her. The men would like to raid the Democratic driver in her holiday home, kidnap it and have it ‘put on trial’ in a secret place.

Whitmer believes Trump has spurred ‘hate groups’. “When our leaders encourage domestic terrorists, they legalize their actions and are complicit,” she said at a news conference. She also accuses the US president of refusing to condemn far-right groups during the first election debate last week. “He called on them to stay alert,” said the governor.

On Twitter, the US president responds by saying that Whitmer is “doing a terrible job”. He also writes that it was his Ministry of Justice, among others, that arrested the suspects. A thank-you would have been more appropriate as far as Trump was concerned.

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