Michelle Ye was stabbed by a stage knife in a phase clearly show and the wound was 2cm lengthy, fearing scarring

Michelle Ye performed Jiu’er in the participate in “Red Sorghum Family members”.

In current years Michelle Ye has predominantly labored on land and recently executed in the participate in “Purple Sorghum Family” in Hangzhou.but yesterday she explained to Weibo that all through the clearly show, her face was “pierced” by a knife and the wound bleeds to carry on the display, and she went to the hospital for clinical remedy right after the display.

The knife used to cut Ye Xuan's face.The knife used to cut Ye Xuan's face.

The knife used to lower Ye Xuan’s experience.

The health practitioner pointed out that the wound on his experience was as long as2 cmin need to have of stitches, he wrote: “He was pretty careful and gave me 3 levels of pores and skin. I asked him if there would be a scar and he claimed it would count on my luck.……He explained the stitches have been eliminated right after five times, vigorous wound workout within just two weeks would induce subcutaneous tissue to re-independent, and pulling the wound inside of a few months would be lethal to the scars. “

Owing to Michelle Ye’s personal injury, the organizer canceled the remaining theatrical performances. She posted the scene knife that wounded her on Weibo and saw blood on her knife.

At first posted on AM730 https://www.am730.com.hk/Enjoyment/Xuan Ye was stabbed in the experience by a knife although doing a engage in – The wound is 2cm long and could be disfigured / 336566? utm_resource = yahoorss & utm_medium = referral

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