Michelle Pfeiffer, the Hollywood star of the eighties and nineties

Between the late eighties and the mid-nineties, Michelle Pfeiffer was the most important and highest paid actress in the world. His first hit was ‘The price of power’ (1983), but it was from ‘The Witches of Eastwick’ (1987) and ‘Dangerous friendships’ (1988) when he went from being a promise to become one of the great values ​​of Hollywood. Then came, consecutively, ‘Married to everyone’ (1988), ‘The fabulous Baker Boys’ (1989), ‘The Russian house’ (1990), ‘Frankie and Johnny’ (1991), ‘Above all’ (1992), ‘Batman Returns’ (1992) or ‘The Age of Innocence’ (1993), for which he achieved tthree Oscar nominations and six Golden Globe nominations, winning by the second of them.

Michelle Marie Pfeiffer was born on April 29, 1958, in Santa Ana, Orange County, California. The future actress had a happy and carefree childhood. She spent hours absorbed in front of the television, spellbound by that fictional world that allowed her to escape from her everyday reality. Shy to the unsuspected limits, she enjoyed playing alone, and her first salary was earned by polishing the appliances that her father, an electrical technician, fixed. While studying, she works as a cashier in a San Diego supermarket, becomes a vegetarian, joins a religious cult, and has her first artistic ambitions forged.

Her vocation for acting arises when, to avoid some classes, she joins a university theater group, where she develops her first jobs and, little by little, she becomes convinced that one day she can become a good actress. Her dazzling beauty arouses passions, and she is recommended to run for Miss Orange County, a prize she wins with relative ease, and is immediately hired by a theatrical agent. At the age of 23, she settled alone in Lauren Canyon (Los Angeles) and began to study drama. It’s not easy making your way as an actress, and her first jobs are as an advertising model to, little by little, achieve a small role in television series. His first break in the cinema comes with ‘Volver al amor’, starring Elliot Gould and Sussanah York. Soon he manages to get his head into another film, ‘The Hollywood Knight’, where he meets the actor Peter Horton, whom he married in 1981. The couple go through castings and knock on many doors, but the world of cinema continues to resist them, that causes their marriage to falter and end in divorce soon after.

After playing one of the secondary characters in Charlie Chan’s film ‘The Dragon Queen’, her luck seems to change: In a casting they choose her as the protagonist for the sequel to ‘Grease’, ‘Grease II’. Michelle sings and dances with ease and her luck is definitely cast. In 1983 she was chosen as the protagonist of ‘The Price of Power’, by Brian de Palma, alongside Al Pacino. 1985 is the year of ‘When the night comes’, by John Landis, along with Jeff Goldblum and Dan Aykroyd, a film with which he travels Europe on a promotional tour. Michelle is already a popular actress and, two years later, Richard Donner makes her the protagonist of ‘Lady Falcon’, who shoots in Italy and Switzerland, and that definitely establishes her as a fairy tale heroine.

With the exquisite and perverse ‘Dangerous friendships’ she is nominated for an Oscar. And after a period story, determined not to be pigeonholed, she shoots a current comedy, ‘Married to everyone’ and an action adventure, ‘Tequila Connection’, alongside Mel Gibson, both in 1988. Her second Oscar nomination, now As a leading actress, she would come with her next film, ‘The fabulous Baker Boys’, directed by Steve Kloves, for which he also wins the Golden Globe. Films from the 90s are ‘The Russia House’, by Fred next to Sean Connery, ‘Frankie and Johnny’, again with Al Pacino, the Catwoman from ‘Batman Returns’, by Tim Burton, along with Michael Keaton, ‘Above all’, by Jonathan Kaplan, for which he achieves his third nomination Oscar, or ‘The Age of Innocence’, by Martin Scorsese, with Daniel Ray Lewis as a couple. In 1993, she had married producer David E. Kelley. and they had had a boy and adopted a girl.

With the 21st century, her work rate slows down a lot, as she chooses to dedicate herself to raising her children. His return comes with a superhero story, ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ (2018), based on the characters from Marvel Comics, of which he is shooting a sequel, taking such a liking to the genre that he then makes ‘The Avengers: Endgame’. The actress has acknowledged that, now that her children are older, she is back to stay.



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