Michelle Dockery of Downton Manor has regained her fortune over the years

The news came six years after she suffered the crushing loss of her fiancé John Dineen, who died of cancer at the age of 34.

Her new upcoming Jasper Waller-Bridge is a co-founder of film and television production company Day One Pictures and met through mutual friends in 2019.

“John and I were engaged and married in our spirit, so I considered myself a widow. Fate then brought Jasper into my path. In three years together, we had time to consider everything in peace and we look forward to living together, “said Michelle Dockery with an idea of ​​pleasant things to come.

Lady Mary in the foreground

Fans of the series will no doubt be thrilled to see their favorites in “Downton Abbey: A New Era” Together (the film has been running in Czech cinemas since the end of April). Some faces are missing, but there are some new faces.

“It was great to return to filming together. We are like a big family, we had a lot of fun. It will also be fun for the audience. Many characters are torn from the environment to which they are used to, this time it actually looks completely different, “says Michelle Dockery again in the role of Lady Mary.

The whole film is started by the shocking news that Grandma Violet has inherited a castle in southern France, which she bequeathed to her by a man she met in her youth.

“So part of the family goes to the French Riviera, while I, the eldest daughter, is left with the care of the house during my father’s absence, which I now even enjoy as Lady Mary,” reveals Michelle. The uproar will be caused by American filmmakers who want to shoot a Hollywood blockbuster in the setting of a beautiful mansion.

In Downton Manor: A New Era with His Film Father starring Hugh Bonnevill.

Photo: CinemArt

So when the pragmatic lady Mary, who is always trying to find ways to finance and repair the estate, receives a very good offer from the director, played by the handsome Hugh Dancy, she agrees to make the film.

“The house is upside down, tight British servants have to deal with carefree Americans, but Lady Mary, whose film husband Henry Talbot is away racing in her beloved car, is thrilled,” she said.

Sociopatka in South Africa

Michelle will also appear in the American action thriller Boy Kills World in the directorial debut of Moritz Mohr, starring popular Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård. The film follows the main deaf-mute hero with a lush imagination.

“It’s rough. When his family is murdered, Boy is trained in the jungle by a mysterious shaman to suppress his childhood imagination and become an instrument of death. I’ll play Melania, his sister. I am a sociopath who seeks to create a strong, cohesive family image to hide despair over a declining dynasty. He claims the role is perfect for me, so I’ll see how I handle it. It’s exciting, filming started relatively recently in South Africa, “he reveals.

And to make matters worse, this year she added a role in her Netflix series series called The Anatomy of a Scandal to her acting portfolio. It is a psychological thriller and a drama from the courtroom. As Netflix’s synopsis explains, the series “infiltrates the British elite through a personal and political scandal where the truth lies between justice and privilege.” Michelle plays a lawyer alongside her equally excellent colleague Sienny Miller in the lead role of his wife a politician.

“It’s perfectly written, and moreover completely different from the period drama in Downton Manor. The action thrillers that make you think all the time are, paradoxically, a great relaxation for me. “

Music is a passion

What makes the actress very happy is the music. She sang several times during the series, but now she comes with the whole album. He does not perform solo, but with a colleague from the Downton Estate, Michael Fox, who appeared in the fifth and sixth seasons of the show as butler Andrew Parker. The duo known as Michael and Michelle announced a news about a new music project on Twitter.

They wrote: “Music is our passion. Acting must stick to the lyrics, while music can start anywhere. It is very liberating. We are really looking forward to our four-track debut album called The Watching Silence. “

And representatives of the recording company Decca Records added: “The music in which Fox and Dockery found each other is both classical and timeless.

Although the melody and structure of their impressive songs are Nashville rather than British folk, they are modern and immediate and are permeated by their own London realism. ”

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