Michele Tricarico among the first vaccinated people over eighty in Terlizzi: “We must trust medicine”

There is one of the first over eighty to get vaccinated in the city against Covid-19 Michele Tricarico, eighty-two year old Terlizzese doc (he is keen to emphasize this), also known for the visceral relationship with his land and with the flowers and vegetables that it has always produced. He received the first Pfizer dose in Rehabilitation Center of the “Michele Sarcone” Hospital in Viale Indipendenza.

Michele is in fact one of the most famous floriculturists from Terli, son of that Pasquale promoter of the cultivation of carnations in the period immediately following the Second World War.

Starting from this, Michele wanted to connect the two historical periods and highlighted: “We must trust the medicine that has made great strides compared to some time ago, the arrival of the vaccine is synonymous with rebirth. I am convinced that our doctors and technicians are working for an immediate mass vaccination, which obviously will be a rebirth for the entire Italian and world community ».

When we asked him how he was feeling and if he got sick or other symptoms after receiving his dose of the vaccine, he smiled and said: “I ‘m very good. I could not wait to get vaccinated, and when this happened, at 12.30 on Thursday 25 February, I like to remember it precisely, I was reborn. Get vaccinated, do not be afraid, I tell my peers and the youngest “, it was his end full of hope.

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