Michèle Laroque: which famous French singer is she the cousin of?

Invited to the microphone of Sophie Davant’s show, Pleased to meet youon M Radio this Saturday July 2, 2022, the comedian confided in his blood ties, revealing to be the cousin of a famous French singer. Who is it ?

blood ties

Coming soon to happy retirement 2in theaters in French cinemas from July 20, Michèle Laroque was the guest of Sophie Davant in the show Pleased to meet you on M Radiothis Saturday, July 2, 2022.

The opportunity for the 62-year-old comedian and actress to indulge in some secrets about her private life. If her admirers thought they knew everything about her, they were not disappointed… Michèle Laroque has indeed confessed to being the cousin of a famous French singer who died almost 30 years ago, in August 1992: Michel Berger.

“I was all red! »

“So Michel Berger, whom I unfortunately haven’t met, is my cousin. By my father, by the Laroques” she confessed before adding under the dumbfounded eye of Sophie Davant: “Colette Laroque was the wife of Pierre Laroque, creator of social security, moreover”. Indeed, the father of the actress was the cousin of the senior official who died in 1997. “I was at the café-théâtre and we were singing a song in a show. It served the show, more than the music. It was a song that the author of the show had composed. And she, Colette Laroque, had said at a family dinner: ‘Well, you have a little cousin who is also called Michèle and who makes music like you’. When I found out that she had said that to Michel Berger, I was all red! ».

Music, a family story? To believe so, Michelle Laroque still loves to sing even if she has not made it her job.

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