Michael Wendler: Laura Müller reacts on Instagram after a concentration camp comparison

Michael Wendler has been causing a sensation for months. Finally he resorted to tasteless concentration camp comparisons. How will wife Laura Müller react to this?

South West Florida / Germany – After the wave of success with a job as a juror at Germany seeks the superstar (DSDS) and a self-deprecating TV commercial for Kaufland came at Michael Wendler (48) the deep fall quickly. The pop singer has only been noticed for months because of his conspiracy myths. Now he’s gone too far.

Name Laura Müller
Born July 30, 2000 (age 20), Tangermünde
size 1,62 Meter

Laura Müller: Husband Michael Wendler compares the corona pandemic with concentration camps

The latest claim from Michael Wendler aims again at the current one Corona Protection Ordinance from. The Trump supporter has been claiming, among other things, that the virus is from the Invented government.

On January 5, Michael Wendler even compared the corona restrictions with the conditions in so-called concentration camps (KZ) during World War II. In the meantime, he even played down this statement and claimed that with the abbreviation “KZ” he was the “crisis center” and not concentration camp meant.

Michael Wendler compares corona pandemic with concentration camps: How does wife Laura Müller react?

But what does his wife say Laura Müller (20) in addition? In the past, the influencer did not react to the statements of the ex-DSDS juror.

“I am as neutral as Switzerland”, the 20-year-old once said in her Story on Instagram announce. In addition, she has already assured that she “of course” does not want to separate from her husband. The latest comparison goes from Michael Wendler but now you too far?

Laura Müller: Fans warn on Instagram and ask them to separate from Michael Wendler

Your fans obviously do. Warn you Laura Müller in the The comments under her older Instagram photos. She has already deactivated the comment function for her latest post on the social media platform.

  • One user writes: “Get out of Laura. It has nothing to do with ‘in good times and bad times for me’, it drives you crazy. “
  • Another says, “Do yourself a favor and break up. You will soon be the most unhappy person on earth. “
  • Another comments: “Start thinking about yourself, if you don’t pull the brake in time, it will drag you into the abyss!”

Laura Müller: Celebrities offer help – has she long since separated from Michael Wendler?

But not just their fans, others too Celebrities are apparently worried about the 20-year-old. Oliver Pocher (42) and his wife Amira Laura Müller have often defended Laura Müller and even advised them to separate from Michael Wendler. Also musician and comedian Olli Schulz (47, known among other things from “Circus Halligalli”) ProSieben) the 20-year-old did shortly after the appearance of Michael Wendlers first statements help offered.

The former is public Playboy-Model so far not discussed. However, her own reputation has long been damaged by her husband. Recently, Laura Müller even lost an important job and thus a source of income for her and the indebted Michael Wendler.

Michael Wendler denies everything – has Laura Müller left him long ago?

But Laura Müller seems to focus primarily on the positive comments. In your Instagram-Story the influencer thanks her Fans.

“I really have to say, I have the greatest community and the greatest fans who always stick with me. I get so many numerous messages from you every day. Feel pressed by me, smooched and hugged! “

Laura Müller proudly shows a bouquet of roses by Michael Wendler on Instagram

She doesn’t say a word about it Michael Wendler, he can still be seen in the short video. Has the 20-year-old parted ways with her husband long ago? Rumors In any case, for a couple of weeks there has been exactly how Brigitte reported.

However, the 20-year-old defied this on Thursday (January 7th) with another video in her Instagram story. It shows: a bouquet of red roses. Write about this Laura Müller “That moment when my darling gives me roses.” Seems like there is no separation in sight, at least outwardly.

List of rubric lists: © Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa

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