Michael Schumacher: disturbing video! Sight is appalling

Michael sSchumacher: His fans will never forget the world champion. Now a terrible video has appeared that deeply disturbs her.

For years, fans have been waiting eagerly for a sign of life from their great motorsport hero. The bad skiing accident from Michael sSchumacher has been more than six years ago. How are you Michael sSchumacher today? Not clear.

Michael Schumacher: Fans are horrified

After a short time in the hospital, Michael Schumacher then returned to his family in Switzerland. Since then he has been in medical rehab.

Every day, fans around the world look hopefully at the news – in anticipation of being informed about Schumi’s state of health. But Michael Schumacher’s family keeps information strictly under lock and key.

Wrong Schumi trailer

Particularly annoying for the many loyal fans: tasteless videos keep appearing on the Internet that pretend to the viewer that they document Michael Schumacher’s alleged suffering.

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First of all, a lavishly produced video made the round, which wanted to give the impression that it was the official trailer for the documentary film about Michael Schumacher, which should be released in cinemas at the end of this year. Images appeared in the clip, suggesting that one saw Michael Schumacher in his skiing accident and in a wheelchair.


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Michael Schumacher: Fake pictures in circulation

The fans were furious. And as soon as the excitement has subsided, the next disturbing clip starts circulating. This video is intended to document the development of Michael Schumacher’s external appearance since childhood.

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The last two pictures in the video show an unconscious man connected to a ventilator and a photo of Michael Schumacher, which was obviously edited using the FaceApp aging tool.

This video is about:

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The video already has more than 800,000 views. For fans, the clip can hardly be beaten in terms of taste. They attacked the producer with bad accusations.

More than a hundred comments gathered under the video. We have collected some:

  • “Whoever made this video belongs in jail. A shame!”
  • “It’s incredible that some still want to make money by posting something stupid without knowing how he’s really doing.”
  • “It is so disrespectful.”
  • “Guys, the picture in the hospital … sorry, that’s not possible at all!”
  • “The pictures at the end are fake. What a shit! You liar!”
  • “Poor Schumi. In the last two pictures – that’s not him at all. “
  • “You are so incredibly stupid. This is a Photoshop picture! “

Fans miss Schumi

The fans miss Michael Schumacher very much. Ferrari fans in particular regularly think back on the successful time they had with their star driver. From 2000 to 2004 Michael Schumacher had won five world titles in a row for Scuderia. Subsequently, only Kimi Raikkonen succeeded for Ferrari in 2008. Since then, the “Reds” have been waiting for another title.

Mercedes is busy collecting titles

In the past six years, the world championship title went to Mercedes. The silver arrows usually drove their competitors miles away. In the previous year, the competition against Mercedes was powerless. Lewis Hamilton confidently clinched his sixth world title.

Problems with Ferrari again

This year, Ferrari actually wanted to fight for the world title again after Scuderia had a plague season in 2019. But the 2020 season also starts anything but for Ferrari. Ferrari had major technical problems during the first tests. Sebastian Vettel was also absent due to illness.

Ferrari boss with terrifying forecast

The bad thing: The Ferrari team boss is already waving the white flag for the first races of the season. Mattia Binotto said after the test drives in Barcelona: “I am nowhere near as confident as last year. We are very worried. Because the others are significantly faster than we are. And we are not as fast as we would like to be. “

Who can stop Mercedes?

And suddenly Formula 1 fans ask themselves: Who should stop Mercedes this year? All hopes for an exciting season rested on Ferrari. After the Scuderia sinks into chaos again, 2020 threatens a racing time that is even more boring than last year.

Can Verstappen attack at the top?

Max Verstappen had his big breakthrough last season when he was always in the lead in the Red Bull and ended up in 3rd place – ahead of Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc. Red Bull then extended the contract to the Dutch in winter. Does the new working paper inspire the 22-year-old this season?


This is Michael Schumacher:

  • Michael Schumacher was born on January 3rd, 1969 in Hürth in NRW
  • He is the most successful driver in Formula 1 history
  • He holds the records of seven world championship titles, 91 wins, 155 podium finishes and 77 fastest race laps
  • On December 29, 2013, Michael Schumacher suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in a skiing accident in Meribel, France
  • Since then, very little has been known about Michael Schumacher’s condition
  • Only friends occasionally comment on his state of health


What is Sainz doing?

One of the big surprises of the previous season was Carlos Sainz junior. The McLaren driver was the “Best of the Rest” behind the Mercedes and Ferrari drivers and Max Verstappen. If McLaren provides the Spaniard with a good car this year, Sainz could attack upstairs.

It starts on March 15th – and then?

The first race of the season will take place on March 15th in Australia. A week later, it continues in Bahrain. Then it gets complicated. The Vietnam GP (April 5) is on the brink due to the corona virus, while the China GP (April 19) has already been canceled.

Formula 1 comes to Europe

Only one thing is certain: Formula 1 will then come to Europe. There will be no German Grand Prix this year. Instead, the Netherlands GP in Zandvoort returns to the racing calendar for the first time since 1985.

In Holland, Spain and Monaco, there will probably be the first concrete signs in May: Who can compete for the world title? And who has no chance this year?

Who cheers in Australia?

The fans are currently wondering who will win the first race of the season in Melbourne. Lewis Hamilton is the favorite. But the British are not particularly fond of the track down under. He only won twice in Melbourne.

Is Vettel’s big hour?

Hamilton has taken second place in Melbourne over the past four years. Last year his Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas won. In the two years before, Vettel was able to cheer.

Schumi four times successful in Australia

Michael Schumacher won four times in Melbourne: 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2004. Michael Schumacher’s favorite route was the route in Magny-Cours. Schumi won eight races in France.

By far the most victories, however, he probably celebrated as a young motorsport talent at the Erftlandring at home. Michael Schumacher made the first laps on the kart track in Kerpen and was discovered. It was the start of one of the greatest Formula 1 legends ever written. The good news for the seven-time world champion and his fans: according to demolition plans, the Erftlandring is now preserved. Here all information >>

Mick Schumacher also knows the Erftlandring very well. The son of the 51-year-old also took the first steps there, has now arrived in the top junior Formula 2 class and could take the big leap into Formula 1 next year.


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Mercedes with technology trick to great success?

At the first test drives in Barcelona, ​​Mercedes presented a new technique with which the Silver Arrows want to be successful this season. The other teams, on the other hand, want to protest. In your opinion, the new technology is illegal (all information here).

Stricter rules in 2021

Formula 1 will enter a new era next year. Stricter rules and uniform standards should ensure more equal opportunities in the field of participants. This should make the races more exciting and the season more balanced.

Ferrari with poker strategy?

Ferrari stumbles from one breakdown to the next on the first test drives. Many experts now suspect that there could be a strategy behind it. Accordingly, the Ferrari dropouts are only a bluff, with which the Scuderia wants to believe their competition in safety. The first race in Australia on March 15 will show whether these exotic presumptions are justified.

Vettel takes refuge in gallows humor

Sebastian Vettel took refuge in gallows humor after the recent test drives. While the SF1000 is even slower on the straight than last year and cannot convince in the corners either, Vettel winked: “We are faster in the fast corners than in the slow ones.”

Fans mad at Vettel

The Ferrari fans can not understand why Vettel is in such a serious situation for such jokes. They want Ferrari to use the remaining two weeks to work hard on the car so that the Scuderia can compete in the first race of the season.

Protests against Racing Point?

The racing team Racing Point must expect a protest according to “motorsport-total.de”. The new “RP20” is almost a copy of last year’s Mercedes and is only called the “pink Mercedes”.

Renault CEO Marcin Budkowski, for example, speaks of a “worrying development for sport. It is up to the FIA ​​to decide whether it complies with the rules or not.”

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