Michael Schumacher: Disgusting hospital video disturbs fans

It must be a shock to millions of fans of Michael sSchumacher have been. This video is deeply disturbing.

For years they have been waiting eagerly for a sign of life from the seven-time Formula 1 world champion. Had on December 29, 2013 Michael sSchumacher suffered a traumatic brain injury in a bad skiing accident in Meribel (France).

Michael Schumacher: Fans are outraged

In Grenoble he was in the hospital for months. In summer 2014, Michael Schumacher was able to return to his family in Switzerland to go to medical rehabilitation there.

Since then, his loyal fans have been hoping for positive news from their great motorsport hero – so far to no avail. Because the family keeps information about the health of the now 51-year-old strictly under lock and key.

Meanwhile, tasteless videos are circulating on social networks, which want to show alleged hospital recordings by Michael Schumacher. A YouTube video with particularly disturbing images has been circulating for weeks.

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Tasteless pictures

The story the video tells is harmless at first. It’s about 2019 in the family of Michael Schumacher. Son Mick celebrated success in Formula 2, daughter Gina in western riding. So far, so unspectacular.

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However, there are always photos that show seriously injured young men on respirators. These recordings want to give the impression that they are showing Michael Schumacher in the intensive care unit.

The fans are outraged. Below the video, many supporters of Michael Schumacher let their displeasure run free in the comments. We have collected some reactions:

  • “What rubbish! Ridiculous!”
  • “Pure bullshit!”
  • “Poor Schumi! This video could have been saved. It’s disrespectful to Schumi. “
  • “The video is snot!”
  • “Simply tasteless!”

This video is about:

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Many more disturbing Schumi videos

It is by no means the first disturbing video about Michael Schumacher that outrages his fans. For years, a clip has been circulating on YouTube, which deliberately wants to give the appearance of being the trailer for the Schumi documentary, which is due to come to the cinema in late 2020. In this clip, too, hospital recordings appear again and again, at the sight of which the viewer should think that they would see Michael Schumacher in the intensive care unit.

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After a huge outcry, the producer of the tasteless video clip took refuge in cheap excuses. “If I mentioned in the title that it was just a fan clip, then people wouldn’t have the opportunity to see the clip,” he wrote on his YouTube channel, and further: “As a viewer, you should get the impression that you have a trailer for the ‘real’ film Michael sSchumacher look. And if you really believed that you saw the official trailer when watching the video, it was only because we produced the trailer so well. ”

Schumi fans look at Mick

While Michael Schumacher has disappeared from the scene, his son Mick has been writing a success story in the junior classes for years. From Formula 4 he fought his way up to Formula 2. Now many experts even trust him to jump into the premier class.

Mick for Ferrari in Formula 1?

Mick Schumacher starts for the Prema Powerteam in Formula 2. The 20-year-old is at the Ferrari academy at the same time. Therefore, fans of Scuderia are already dreaming that they will soon be able to keep their fingers crossed for a Schumi in a Ferrari.

In 2020 Mick will stay in Formula 2

This year Mick will continue to compete in Formula 2. There he finished 12th last year. This season he wants to improve and recommend himself with good performances for larger tasks.

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Who is mixing up Formula 1 this year?

If Mick stays in Formula 2, other talents will probably have to stir up the Formula 1 circus this year. Last season the youngsters Max Verstappen (Netherlands / Red Bull) and Carlos Sainz jr. (Spain / McLaren) and of course Charles Leclerc (Monaco / Ferrari).

The latter presented himself as a serious competitor for Sebastian Vettel last season. The youngster even ended up in front of his team-mate in the final calculation of the drivers’ classification. The consequences: Ferrari deprived Vettel of the number 1 driver’s status and started with two pilots with equal rights (>> more on this here).

Vettel to Mercedes?

And because it wasn’t the only setback for Sebastian Vettel before the start of the 2020 season, rumors are growing that Heppenheimer’s Ferrari is out. The 32-year-old recently fired this himself by hinting at a Mercedes change. Here is the info >>

Ferrari with problems at the beginning of the season

The fact that Vettel is competing for the world title this season is currently unrealistic. Ferrari had massive problems during the first test drives in Barcelona and is now miles behind.

Ferrari team boss is already giving up

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto is already waving the white flag – at least for the first races of the season. “We are not as far as we would like to be. At that point in the previous year, I was significantly more optimistic.”

Ferrari wants to defy corona virus crisis

While Italy is struggling with the spread of the new corona virus, Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto has announced that it will send a clear signal to the people in the affected regions in the first races. “In these difficult times for Italy and the world as a whole, we have a duty as part of a global sport,” said Binotto. “We have to try to make people smile.”

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The Italian racing team in particular is affected by the protective measures due to the virus. The Ferrari headquarters in Maranello is in the restricted area – employees who have not left the plant on time are not allowed to leave the country and miss the season opener.

Corona virus hits Formula 1 hard

Undoubtedly, the coronavirus crisis hits Formula 1 hard. The China GP planned for April has been postponed indefinitely, the Bahrain Grand Prix will take place without spectators. Read more here >>

And all other (sports) events are also affected by the rampant virus. The Bundesliga will take place on the next matchday without spectators – like all other events with more than 1000 participants in Germany.

Australia GP before cancellation

On Thursday afternoon, the McLaren racing team announced the coronavirus infection of a team member and the immediate withdrawal from the Melbourne Grand Prix. You can read more about this here >>>

It now seems like a question of time before the FIA ​​has an understanding and blows off the season opener.

Hamilton finds clear words

World champion Lewis Hamilton cannot understand that no conclusions have yet been drawn in Formula 1: “Sports events are canceled everywhere, the NBA ends the season. And now US President Donald Trump has banned Europeans from entering for a few weeks. That says it all, ”rumbled the world champion.

“I just hope that we can survive this weekend without fatalities. Unfortunately, the fact remains that only money rules this sport. ”

FIA cancels season start, GPs in Bahrain and Vietnam on the brink

After the infection of a McLaren team member, the international motorsport association FIA has now officially canceled the Australian Grand Prix. The start of the season could move even further back. The holding of GPs in Bahrain and Vietnam is currently also unlikely. (dhe)

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