Michael Jackson’s nephew, Jafaar Jackson, will play the King of Pop in a new film

LEADING ROLE: Jafaar Jackson (tv) receives an honorable assignment in the film about his famous uncle’s life.

The film company did not have to go far to find the person they want in the role of Michael Jackson in the upcoming blockbuster.


The choice fell on Michael Jackson’s own nephew, 26-year-old Jafaar Jackson.

Jafaar Jackson is the son of Michael’s older brother, Jermaine Jackson (68).

Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson (92), is pleased that her grandson has been given the assignment.

– Jafaar radiates my son. It is wonderful to see him carry on the legacy of Jackson artists and entertainers, she says in a press release, according to Reuters.

Jafaar Jackson was 13 years old then Michael Jackson died25 June 2009. The pop icon turned 50.

– Humble

The 26-year-old writes on his own Instagramunder a picture where he dances like his uncle, that he is “humble about the task”.

«To all fans worldwide, see you soon», writes Jafaar Jackson.

The account appears to be newly created, because only one picture has been posted. Jafaar’s older brother, Jourdynn Jackson (34), is listed as the photographer:

The film will be titled “Michael,” and the film company Lionsgate says in an announcement that it will “explore the complicated man who ended up as the King of Pop.”

They also promise that the film will delve into “all aspects of his life”.

– The only one who can

Filming starts this year. Antoine Fuqua will direct, while Graham King will produce. They are both convinced that Jafaar is the right person for the lead role.

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– It was clear to us that he is the only one who can do this. I can’t wait to see him as Michael Jackson on the big screen, says King.

TJ Jackson (44), Jafaar’s cousin and son of Michael’s brother Tito Jackson (69), writes under Jafaar’s Instagram post:

«I am so proud of you that words cannot describe it


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