Michael Jackson, walk on the moon – Liberation

“Reviving” series (6/10)

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If the “King of Pop” hadn’t succumbed to cardiac arrest in 2009, he would be in France for two days operating the stamp on provincial streets.

THE REVIVANTS Series (6/10) Imaginary portraits of premature deceased Publication they ended up reborn as if they had escaped death and could have their say in the existing and facial area the current sun. Former episode: Roberto Bolaño.

He did it. Devoid of provocation or fuss, she returned to the counter and just after a pirouette appeared at the croissants and cookies at the rear of the window. The stunned waitress did not identify him powering the mask, believing he was a double in a sequined costume. She served Michael the banana smoothie she finally requested, then she watched him as he sat on the terrace of this golden Brioche on the Champs-Elysées.

Michael Jackson is in Paris for two times, two nights, and every thing would seem to be heading very well for him. No far more creative and judicial roller coasters, extensive-awaited albums and amassed judgments. “Today I reside in a superb void. I last but not least have the time to dedicate myself only to many others, with serenity “ he smiled, his voice nevertheless and however screeching. At 63, MJ tastes the “surprise of the moment” : the walkabout in the basement of the Disney Retail store from which he sang excerpts Candy, his children’s album a ray of sunshine slipping on the patch of his fingers within “the most wonderful

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