Michael Jackson is still the “King of Pop”

In the world there are different people who do not need to wear a cape to be super heroes and Michael Jackson He was a great hero of music, who showed his powers through his compositions, his singing, lowered the moon with his dance and thus revolutionized popular culture.

Not for nothing is he considered the “King of Pop” and although many have tried to take the throne from him, to date no one has been able to overcome the great feats of the interpreter of “Billie Jean”, “Thriller” and many more.

That is why we join in the celebration of his sixty-second birthday and look back on some of the feats of Michael Joseph Jackson.
Out of this world choreographies

One of the most recognized and admired things about Michael was his dance steps, which has made thousands of people around the world try to imitate them with great accuracy and not only that, several of his movements have remained as fundamental steps of a choreography.

The Moonwalk

The moon walk, translated into Spanish, is a dance step that was popularized by the dancer during the presentation of “Billie Jean” in 1983, which consists of a series of steps sliding one foot after the other without taking them off the ground and he decked out in the famous white glove, shiny black jacket and hat, which Jackson wore when singing his great success.

An anti gravity step

The famous dance move with which he defied gravity, in his hit “Smooth Criminal”, not only thousands of people have tried to do it without success, but it has also been studied by different scientists, to decipher its secret.

While in the video, cables and pulleys were used to perform their challenge, during the concerts much of the magic fell on their shoes (Jackson Shoes), which had a cap nailed to the heel of the shoe, with a shaped opening of “V”, where it was hooked to a nail that was put in the floor of the stage.

But despite this little trick, what continues to fascinate the world and the scientific community, is the angle of inclination that the singer had, since not a nail, much less shoes could intervene in this feat, for this Michael He had to have surprising physical strength, especially in the ankle and abdominal muscles so as not to fall and return to his original position.

An unmatched voice

Another of the great virtues of the King of Pop was his voice, which became a tenor, which reached up to four octaves, also used the technique of “Hiccup vocals”, which was like a gasp or a gulp of air, the cuan he started using in the song “Shake your body (Down to the ground)”, thus defining a unique vocal style that many singers have tried to follow.

Absolute pitch

Several music critics have described the singer-songwriter as possessing a great additive memory, and being able to produce exactly one note without any reference.

Jackson’s numbers

In 1982, “Thriller” was released, the singer’s most successful album, which exceeded 65 million copies sold worldwide, followed by “Dangerous”, which sold 32 million copies. It is estimated that Jackson’s entire discography has sold more than 350 million musical productions, thus making him one of the best-selling musicians in history.



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