Miao Keli’s “wearing a diamond ring” posted a photo of holding hands and revealed the good news of “towards a new life”: I can finally say it! | Entertainment | CTWANT extension

51-year-old actress Miao Keli today (28) suddenly posted a photo of holding hands “wearing a diamond ring”, and wrote: “After holding back for so long, I can finally say, holding hands and marching towards a new life, thank you all.” At the end of the article, she also underlined “very happy”. As soon as the article was published, friends from the entertainment industry and countless fans flocked to Facebook to express their congratulations.

Miao Keli, who debuted as a singer and later switched to drama, became popular with the villain “Li Yanping” in the classic TV series “Taiwan Thunderbolt” in 2002, and then won the 48th Golden Bell Award in 2013 with ” Smiling Canteen”. .after the throne. She formerly married director Li Baoneng whom she had been dating for two years, but sadly the two divorced in 2007 and have since become single due to job separation on both sides of the strait.

Therefore, as soon as her good news came out, she immediately attracted the congratulations of netizens and many friends. Xiaoxian praised “the picture is so happy”, Luo Qiaolun left a message “happy and happy”, and Li Liangjin also shouted “Congratulations sister, I am very happy for you.” Netizens also offered their blessings “Be happy forever” and “No matter whose hands, all the blessings.” There are also sharp-eyed people who have found that “both hands have polish.” Furthermore, Miao Keli’s agent revealed, “Our new plan and new schedule will be announced on Wednesday.”

(Photo/reposted from Miao Keli’s Facebook page)

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